CATV Overlay for FTTx Networks


Bandwidth is at the center of delivering content and its efficiency is paramount to the quality of next generation networks. As high speed networks evolve it remains critical to deliver rich TV services alongside internet broadband. PBN’s CATV overlay solution enables any next generation FTTx system to deliver HD video content without impacting Ethernet bandwidth. CATV overlay also lends the convenience of not needing to buy another STB (IPTV) for each subscribers TV set.

  • Full spectrum CATV overlay is a core competence, as well as a distinctive system function of the PBN FTTx offering. The FTTx distribution network is enabled with forward path RF signaling by means of wavelength division multiplexing and 1550nm laser transmission equipment. The tailored WDM and Transmission options apply to both Point to Point and Point to Multipoint FTTx deployment topologies.

    A dedicated optical signal channel allow delivery of Digital HD television signals as well as traditional analogue signals without impacting the Ethernet stream as an IPTV solution might do. With full spectrum utilization this service can deliver up to 5.5 Gbps of digital video information simultaneously to all subscribers.

    Individual CATV receivers embedded in each PBN CPE are manageable and allow conditional service access controlled by the Network managing platform. Solution permutations are available for single or dual fiber delivery and can be paired with hybrid digital STBs if both IPTV and RF Video on Demand services are to be offered.

    So whether upgrading existing cable MSO infrastructure or deploying a Greenfield FTTx network, the PBN CATV overlay solution can be tailored to your every need.

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