DOCSIS Performance Monitoring System

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About the Product

PBN’s DOCSIS Performance Monitoring System (DPMS) provides MSOs with a new way to manage the DOCSIS equipment in their network. PBN’s DPMS has a proven track record of managing CMTS, CCAP, and CMs from a range of vendors. It is a truly vendor agnostic DOCSIS Performance monitoring solution. Coupled with powerful mobile gateway functionality, field technicians can easily check the status of CMTS, CCAP, and CMs in the field or at hub sites. DPMS is based on the latest web server architecture. It enables easy access from a wide range of device types such as PCs (Windows, OSX) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). The modular software framework enables flexible deployment architectures that can be either centralized or distributed, and provides a foundation for redundant and highly scalable deployment that can grow as your network does.

  • Integrated with all major vendors’ CMTS/CCAP/CM for a truly vendor agnostic system
  • Monitor status and performance indexes of CMTS/CCAP/CM, including SNR, data usage, usage rate per port/MAC domain etc
  • Customizable top 10 Index display for an overview of the most important metrics to your network
  • Allows a user to correlate all customer info in BOSS with CMTS/CCAP/CM
  • Cloned CM management
  • Details CM configuration, status and management
  • US port spectrum display
  • Delivers DS and US link performance metrics
  • Integrated traffic loading index
  • Management summary and reporting functionality
  • Detailed user and system management functionality for roles and responsibilities management
  • Topology display for better visibility of network connections
  • Comprehensive alarm management system including detailed alarm history and statistics reporting
  • Web-based design architecture allowing for quick and highly scalable deployments
  • Support simple integration with third party BOSS via HTML/JSON/XML/FTP service API
  • Mobile companion app for quick and easy information retrieval from remote locations or out in the field

  • device management
  • home page
  • alarm management
  • mobile gateway