Advanced Intelligent Multi-Service Headend Platform


About the Product

The AIMA3000 platform is PBN’s newly developed high-density, lowpower consumption headend platform that enables MSOs to build or upgrade their networks to meet the demands of today as well as future multi-services access requirements.

The AIMA3000 simplifies the transition to IP Networks by providing a complete range of intelligent, interoperable, RF and optical modules for HFC, RFoG, PON video overlay, and other applications.

The design employs a 19” rack of 4RU height, with 16 slots for highdensity application modules and integrated front and rear fiberaccess panels for easy fiber management. Slot 0 is used for a System Management Module (ASMM). In total, one 4RU AIMA3000 chassis allows for configurations of up to 64 forward-path laser transmitters or 128 return path receivers.

  • 1.2 GHz Advanced Intelligent Multi-Service Headend Platform (AIMA3000)
  • Fully compatible with DOCSIS3.1
  • High density with 16 single, dual, quad, or octal application modules in one 4RU headend platform
  • Efficient low power consuming modules reduce operating expenditures
  • Plug-and-play modules
  • Hot-swappable application modules with auto-configuration feature through management module
  • Integrated front and rear fiber-access panel for easy fiber management
  • Advanced active cooling techniques allows for the mounting of multiple AIMA3000s without the need for clearance or spacers between AIMA chassis
  • Dual reliable, fully redundant, and hot swappable power supplies
  • Intelligent management system with an integrated SNMP agent and web server, accessible through both front and rear mounted RJ45 Ethernet ports allow for system-wide network management and local configuration
  • SCTE-HMS MIB compatible
  • Firmware management from centralized TFTP server (In combination with PBN NMSE network management software)
  • Fully FCC, CE and RCM compliant
Chassis (ACHA)
Module slots 17 slots for AIMA3000 plug-and-play modules. Slot 0 is used for the System Management Module (ASMM). Slots 1~16 are used for any of the Application Modules.

Requires an ASMM module in slot 0.

Alarms are available via SNMP traps to multiple destinations, via a voltage-free NO/NC alarm contact, via SNMP polling, or via HTTP polling.

Monitoring and control

Requires an ASMM module in slot 0.

The chassis can also be controlled through a web browser connected to one of the Ethernet ports or by a mobile device supporting USB host mode through the USB port on the

AIMA3000’s ASMM module. All module settings are retained in non-volatile memory to ensure trouble-free operation.

Power (APSA & APSD)
Power supply modules

The chassis supports up to two hotswappable power supply modules
in the AIMA3000 chassis. Any one power supply can handle a fullyloaded

Two power supplies provide load sharing when more than 12V / 10A (120W) is being consumed by modules, and redundancy in the event of a single power supply failure.

Both universal mains (APSA) and battery (APSD) models are available. It is possible to use one mains module and one battery module in the same chassis.

Power input Universal mains (APSA) 90~264 Vac, 50/60 Hz
Battery (APSD) -48 Vdc (-75 ~ -36 Vdc)
Efficiency > 85 %
Cooling Integrated variable-speed cooling fan, with on-board microcontroller.
Protection Overload (AC only), over-voltage(AC only), and temperature sensors.
Load-share functions for +12 Vdc power rail.
Interface LED status indicators
Internal power rails(2) 12 Vdc, 33 A
5 Vdc, 6 A
-5 Vdc, 6 A
Operating temperature -5 °C to +55 °C
Operating humidity Max. 90% RH (non-condensing)
Storage temperature -25 °C to +70 °C
Storage humidity Max. 90% RH (non-condensing)

Cooling fans in the power supply units and the 8 fan modules mounted
in the chassis, drawing air from front to rear.

Multiple AIMA3000 chassis can be mounted on top of each other without needing ventilation space.

Dimensions  Overall width: 482.6 mm (including flanges)
 Overall depth: 500.5 mm (including handles)
 Overall height: 175.0 mm
Packaging dimensions
(W x D x H)

600 × 600 × 400 mm

Net weight (3)

Empty chassis: 15 kg
Fully loaded: 40.5 kg

Shipping weight 20.71 kg


(1) Up to 5 SNMPv2c trap addresses per ASMM.
(2) Measured with 460 W APSA.
(3) PBN can provide Rail Runners for instaling the AIMA chassis. For more details, you can also refer to PBN AIMA3000 Accessiories datasheet or contact your PBN representative.

The AIMA3000 is designed to seamlessly fit into all common service scenarios. In a traditional headend deployment with optical transmitters and receivers, the AIMA3000 leads with lowest in industry per-port power consumption as well as having a highly dense amount of receiver ports.

While FTTx technologies are making their way into traditional cable MSO networks, the AIMA3000 supports a range of RFoG modules such as the RRAG to ease the transition to full-blown PON/P2P.

For networks with FTTx technologies already in place, delivering high-speed data and voice services, the AIMA3000 is geared to provide a full-spectrum CATV overlay using transmitters and EDFA modules.

A wide variety of complementary modules such as externallymodulated transmitters, amplifiers, and switches meet the needs of even the most specialized and unique network architectures.


Single Slot Blank Panel

A-BP-T Single Slot Blank Panel, full-depth with Integrated 75Ω Termination

8 Replacement Module Fans in Fan Bracket


Mini SMB to F adapters

A-EMTA Access panel for AIMA high density module

AIMA3000 Chassis


AIMA3000 Chassis, 4RU, 16+1 slots, 19 inch, fans included, power supply not included, with LGAN handles

A-ACHA-4U-LGAN-HD AIMA3000 Chassis for high density modules, 4RU, 16+1 slots, 19 inch, fans included, power supply not included, with LGAN handles

Power Supply Module with fan for mains 90 ~ 260 Vac 50/60 Hz, 460 W. XX: AU, CN, CH, EU, UK, US


Power Supply Module with fan for battery -48 Vdc, 460 W


System Management Module, version A

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