RF A/B Protection Switch


About the Product

The RF A/B Protection Switch (RFSW) is designed to plug into PBN's latest generation Advanced Intelligent Multi-services Access platform - the AIMA3000.

Providing reliable radio signal stability, the RFSW is an RF-based switching device designed for automatic or manual switching of radio signals. It maintains the RF output in the event of a loss or degraded signal of one of the two signals connected to its inputs.

Engineered for high-isolation, the impedance-matched RF switch relay, is controlled by microcontroller-based logic circuits. This intelligent microcontroller manages the switch based on the detection of RF input signal levels. In addition, the switch can operate based on user-defined minimum and maximum RF threshold levels. The RFSW switching module provides self-monitoring and communicates with the ASMM (AIMA3000 System Management Module) within the AIMA3000 chassis.

The switching action may be set to by automatic or manual operation. When in manual mode, the switch can be controlled through the ASMM's Web Interface of through PBN'S NMSE. The module's microcontroller determines when to switch signals based on total RF power as commonly used in forward transmission.

With the optional embedded Full Band Capture (FBC) module, it enables the operator to capture and monitor the spectrum and QAM demodulation data, including level of each channel, SNR, MER, BER, constellation and so on. Operators can get the metric of each QAM channel remotely.

  • Plug-and-play AIMA3000 platform module
  • Forward-path version (5 MHz to 1218 MHz) suits CENELEC and NTSC up to 158 channels, (both analog and digital)
  • High reliability, compact design
  • Operates in AUTO or MANUAL mode
  • Operator defined adjustable thresholds for both inputs with the maximum and minimum signal parameters
  • Comprehensive remote monitoring
  • Configurable alarm threshold levels
  • Remote firmware upgrade and auto upload/download of configuration files through ASMM web interface or using PBN's NMSE
  • Alarm monitoring through PBN’s NMSE, ASMM Web interface, or the ASMM’s SNMP interface
  • FCC, CE, and RCM compliant
RF bandwidth 5 MHz to 1218 MHz
RF flatness ± 0.5 dB
Insertion loss 3 dB maximum
Isolation > 65 dB (5 to 1000 MHz)
> 60 dB (1000 to 1218 MHz)
RF impedance 75 Ω
RF return loss > 16 dB
RF test point relative 
to RF output port
-20 dB ± 1 dB
RF connectors 3 x GSK-type female
RF test points 3 x Mini-SMB
Switching time < 15 ms
Alarms and status Front-panel LEDs, SNMP Traps


Power supply Powered via AIMA3000 backplane
Power consumption < 6.5 W

Operating temperature    

temperature: -5 ℃ to +55 ℃
humidity: 90%(non-condensing)
Storage temperature temperature: -25 ℃ to +70 ℃
humidity: 90%(non-condensing)
Dimensions (WxDxH) 24.6 x 410 x 152.5 mm
Weight 0.88 kg
Supported network management options PBN's NMSE or through ASMM's Web Interface

FBC Module

Frequency capture range 45 to 1000 MHz
Demodulation mode QAM64, QAM256
Metrics and functions available   Level, SNR, MER, BER and live spectrum

RF A/B Protection Switch



Customized Working Mode



With FBC Management (1)(3)

Low Input/Output Power Range (2)(3)




5 ~ 1218 MHz


(1) Option for FBC Management configurations only. When using FBC function, the RF output power of the main port should be no less than 95 dBμV/ch for accurate measurement. Please omit it when selecting a model without FBC function.
(2) Low input/output power range (30~65 dBmV, total power). Please omit it when selecting the standard range (40~75 dBmV, total power).
(3) Option L and option M are mutually exclusive and can not be selected at the same time.