AIMA3000 System Management Module


About the Product

The AIMA3000 System Management Module (ASMM) is the system controller module for the PBN's latest generation Advanced Intelligent Multi-services Access Platform - the AIMA3000.

The ASMM control module supervises all Application Modules (AMs), power supplies, and fan modules within the AIMA3000 chassis. It also serves as a communications interface between all the modules and user interfaces.

The front panel of the ASMM provides status LEDs for indicating various operations and alarms. There is a single fast Ethernet port on the front for local control and monitoring. There are two fast Ethernet ports on the rear of the module for secondary local control and SNMP communications with PBN's NMSE network management software. In addition, all modules can be controlled and monitored through a web browser.

  • Plug-and-play AIMA3000 platform module
  • Hot-swappable
  • Embedded web server
  • SNMPv2c compatible
  • Provides firmware and device management for all modules
  • Alarm and log management
  • Maintenance management
  • Three fast Ethernet ports for communication with local PCs and PBN's NMSE management software
  • Remote firmware upgrade and auto upload/download of configuration files through ASMM web interface or using PBN's NMSE
  • Bulk firmware updates through PBN's NMSE
  • Battery back-up for maintaining the Real Time Clock (RTC)
  • FCC, CE and RCM compliant

Communications interface (front panel)
Alarms  Front-panel LEDs, SNMP Traps
RST Module reset button
LOCAL RJ45 10/100BaseT Ethernet connector
CONSOLE Micro USB Device Type B connector (used by PBN support engineers)
USB USB Host Type A connector
Communications interface (rear panel)
Alarm relay contacts Common, N/C and N/O contacts, 0.5 A, 40 Vac or Vdc max.
Ethernet ports RJ45 10/100BaseT Ethernet connectors
Power supply Powered via AIMA3000 backplane
Power consumption < 5.0 W
Operating temperature 0 ℃ to +55 ℃
Storage temperature -25 ℃ to +70℃
Dimensions (WxDxH) 24.6 x 410 x 152.5 mm
Weight 0.7 kg
Supported network management options PBN's NMSE, SNMPv2c, ASMM Web Interface
Maximum number of SNMPv2c Trap Addresses 5



A-ASMM-A System Management Module, version A


  • ASMM front