Rekam further expand its existing RFoG-Network in Lekkerkerk, The Netherlands

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Press Release - The Netherlands

Almere, The Netherlands, 15 May 2013 - In 2012, Rekam started to build out a RFoG (RF over Glass) network in a greenfield area in Lekkerkerk, The Netherlands, a city east of Rotterdam. In this project, a fiber-optic infrastructure was built to every house. Rekam selected Hemmink and PBN as their partner for this initial project because of the quick reaction and suited proposal that fulfilled the requirements set by Rekam. Shortly after Rekam selected the partners, the projected started. Recently Rekam has given Hemmink and PBN a re-curring order for further expansion of its network.

The network is an RFoG-Network meaning that fiber optic cable is used as transport medium after the signal converted from RF to optic. The fiber optics transport the existing signals/services used within Rekam’s existing coax network. This includes DOCSIS 3.0 services. All metering cabinets in the houses are fed with fiber and terminated with RFoG units from PBN (DPON). The RFoG concept has also been rolled out in other parts of Rekam’s network.

One Supplier

Peter Oskam, technical advisor for Stichting Rekam stated: “Within this project both active and passive components were required. For the active part of the network, Headend and ONU, you need to choose for one supplier. The components need to work seamlessly together and using different vendors can cause compatibility issues. It is therefore also a very important choice and decision which you cannot easily change. In our case we selected the solution form PBN, which is represented in The Netherlands by Hemmink. Both have been involved in developing our network concept and have delivered a detailed network concept for Rekam. 

Rekam is expecting in the coming years to realize few thousand connections annually. Peter Oskam: “At this moment we stick to the RFoG-concept but we are also looking to the possibilities of a pure IP-Based network. The first important thing is to get all the fiber installed in the electricity closet in each house. By choosing RFoG as an intermediate solution we are able to offer our standard services with the same low cost, which is in benefit of our customers and us. 


About Rekam

Since 1990, Rekam is offering Cable-TV services in several areas in the middle of The Netherlands. Rekam has a goal of offering their customers in the Midden-Holland area a variety and broad offering of radio & television services with low-cost. In the recent years, Rekam has rolled out more than 700 kilometer of fiber optic cable and is still increasing their fiber optic coverage. In addition to the roll-out of fiber (FTTH), Rekam has completely digitized their network and achieved with this approach a leading position within the Dutch Cable-scene. For additional services Rekam is closely cooperating with service providers, which use their fiber optic network for a full triple play offering to serve B2B and B2C.

For more information about our company, products and services, please visit www.rekam.nl


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