Optical Splitter - 19” Rack Mounted



Optical splitters for rack mounting are supplied in a 19” sub-rack for 1RU height. The units can accommodate splits up to 1x64 in 1RU with SC/APC or LC/APC connectors.

PBN offers a wide range of splitter configurations to suit the specific requirements of customer networks.

The OSF-19 was designed primarily for fiber-splitting within CATV headends, with a premium optical performance.

All inputs and outputs are available on the front panel and are clearly marked.

The front panel can be configured for special splitting arrangements, such as 4 x (1x4) and similar customized versions. This flexibility allows PBN to cater for any possible customer requirement.

  • SC/APC angle-polished optical connectors in the standard versions
  • LC/APC, E2000/APC or SC/UPC angle-polished optical connectors on request
  • High-quality optical splitters for wideband performance with both 1310 nm and 1550 nm systems
  • All connectors on the front panel for easy access
  • 16/32/64 port models equipped with high-uniformity PLC couplers

Optical Performance

Operating wavelength 1260 nm to 1620 nm
Optical connectors SC/APC (standard versions), E2000/APC, LC/APC, SC/UPC
Return loss > 55 dB
Optical insertion loss
Model dB (max.)
OSF-19-1-1x02-SC 4.0
OSF-19-1-1x03-SC 5.7
OSF-19-1-1x04-SC 7.2
OSF-19-1-1x05-SC 8.1
OSF-19-1-1x06-SC 8.8
OSF-19-1-1x07-SC 9.6
OSF-19-1-1x08-SC 10.7
OSF-19-1-1x09-SC 10.7
OSF-19-1-1x10-SC 11.5
OSF-19-1-1x11-SC 11.8
OSF-19-1-1x12-SC 12.1
OSF-19-1-1x13-SC 12.3
OSF-19-1-1x14-SC 12.6
OSF-19-1-1x15-SC 12.9
OSF-19-1-1x16-SC 13.7
OSF-19-1-1x18-SC 14.6
OSF-19-1-1x20-SC 14.8
OSF-19-1-1x24-SC 15.3
OSF-19-1-1x32-SC 17.1
OSF-19-1-1x64-SC 21.0
Operating temperature -40 °C to +85 °C
Dimensions (H x W x D) housing 44 x 483 x 300 mm
Ship size (H x W x D) housing 120 x 550 x 320 mm
Weight housing 3.0 kg
Ship weight housing 3.5 kg


* The tolerance of optical insertion loss for each product is ±0.5 dB, that including connector loss.

OSF-19-[W]-[X]-[Y]-[Z] 19”sub rack with optical splitter(s)
# Number of optical splitters
1 One optical input
# Number of outputs per splitter
SC SC/APC optical connectors (standard versions)
E E2000/APC optical connectors (on request)
LC LC/APC optical connectors (on request)
SCU SC/UPC optical connectors (on request)


(1) The total ports number of [W] x [X] x [Y] should no more than 64 (and 8-1x8 is not available). For detail models please contact your PBN representative.

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