DOCSIS Performance Monitoring System



PBN’s netWatch2 solution is a world-class network management platform which harnesses the power of big data to ensure your network is operating in optimum condition. The netWatch2 platform collects key performance metrics about the network and uses it to prevent and solve DOCSIS and PON access network performance issues. It is a truly vendor agnostic DOCSIS and PON performance monitoring solution with a proven track record. Coupled with powerful mobile gateway functionality, field technicians can eaily check the status of CMTS, CCAP, D-CCAP and CMs in the field or at hub sites. The netWatch2 system is based on the latest web server architecture and enabled easy access from a wide range of device types such as PCs (Windows, OSX) and mobile devices (iOS, Android). The modular software framework enables flexible deployment architecture that can either be centralized or distributed and provides a foundation for redundant and highly scalable deployment that can grow as your network does. With a sophisticated user management functionality, system users, their responsibilities and the equipment they have access to can all be managed from one central location. User interactions with the system are also logged and managed to provide the highest level of user manageability. The netWatch2 platform also provides various interfaces for integration with external systems, such as BSS/OSS, call center systems, incident systems, etc.

  • Manage and monitor multiple brands of CMTS, CCAP, D-CCAP,and CM
  • Collect key DOCSIS data matrix, and display in a user-friendly dashboard
  • Real-time views and tools are provided to support service troubleshooting
  • Specific mobile APP (Android/ iOS) is available for field installer and maintenance staff
  • Standard reports show the RF performance, bandwidth consumption, DS and US link performance, clone CPE management, etc.
  • Report of outage based on co-relation of information from CMTS DS/US port, optic Tx/Rx, optic node, and CMs available
  • Detailed user management feature to enable efficient usage of field workforce
  • Users have access to their network data via web services, or in bulk via database API
  • Monitor data service and devices up to D3.1. Monitor VoIP and provide analysis reports
  • Discover and disable cloned DOCSIS device, and provide report of list of devices in network
  • Native dashboard feature, and also API for external system to enable creation of dashboard and other key matrix display
  • Support send and receive of trap event via SNMP

  • dashboard
  • device management
  • app
  • alarm management