FTTx Provisioning Service Management Software



The PBN NMS3-EPSM software package has been developed to simplify the configuration and provisioning tasks of GEPON and Active Ethernet FTTx Networks.

The NMS3-EPSM software package can run on a MS Windows XP/Vista/7 operating system or an MS Windows Server 2003/2008 platform to suit small, medium, large and nationwide size networks.

There is a multi-lingual web based operator interface to set up templates and services, complemented by a HTTP/XML Application Programming Interface (API) for easy connection with external billing and subscriber management systems.

A set of default templates can be configured for each service level agreement model (SLA) and each fiber modem type.  Optical Network Units (ONU) can be pre-configured through the web interface or via the web services API with HTTP/XML messages.  When a new ONU appears on the network, the server will automatically detect the event and apply the assigned configuration template.

A series of diagnostic screens complements this indispensable tool for network operators.

  • Web server provides remote access to all configuration tools using only a web browser.
  • HTTP/SOAP/XML Application Programming Interface (API) for easy and reliable high-level connection with external billing/provisioning systems.
  • Automatic discovery of network devices and connected ONUs.
  • Pre-provisioning of ONU devices before they are connected to the network.
  • Subscriber configuration templates allow fast individual or mass updates to Service Level Agreements (SLAs).
  • Support for all devices in the PBN EPON product family.
  • Rich set of network diagnostics to assist engineering staff with fast fault-finding.
  • Ready to be integrated with third-party OSS/BSS software.