High-Density FTTx Communication Switch



The AOCM6000 is a carrier-grade switching/routing platform providing access & aggregation capabilities for PBN’s FTTx solutions. The latest upgrade to second generation will provides higher performance and lower cost.

The largest unit is a 19” sub-rack with 12 RU height, and ten card slots. Two slots are dedicated to redundant switch/controller cards and eight slots are allocated for line cards. Designed for high-density FTTH deployments, the platform is a real workhorse, capable of supporting up to 384 ActiveEthernet subscribers or up to 8192 EPON subscribers in a 1:64 split environment. Or of course, a mix of both technologies.

Designed for modularity, this mainframe is able to support ActiveEthernet subscribers with 24 or with 48 ports per line card for Gigabit Ethernet optical subscriber lines. The high-density EPON OLT cards feature 16 port SFP-based optical line terminals.

The power supply units are available for battery or for universal mains systems. Uplink cards are available with up to 4x 10 Gbps ports for SFP+ plug-ins.

  • Provides Gigabit Active Ethernet FTTH services for up to 336 subscribers per chassis, if one card is used for 10 Gbps SFP+ uplinks
  • Provides Gigabit EPON services for up to 8192 subscribers per chassis
  • Passive backplane supporting 2.6 Tbps switching fabric
  • High performance L2/L3/L4 switching with IPv6 supported
  • Up to 4x 10 Gbps uplinks with SFP+ ports. Link aggregation and MPLS supported
  • High-level security supporting extended ACL, RADIUS, and Intelligent ARP defence
  • Strict QoS with 802.1q, Diffserv, and L2-L4 flow classification
  • Wire-speed switching and aggregation with up to 384 Gbps capacity (8x 48-port line cards)
  • Dual redundant controller cards
  • Dual hot-swappable power supplies for redundancy
  • System management for monitoring and configuration via web, CLI and SNMP access
  • Advanced routing and switching features
  • RADIUS-based broadband management and customer SLA control



Advanced Optical Communications Mainframe Chassis 19” 12RU

Controller card slots  2 controller card slots
Line card slots 8 line card slots
Flash 16 MB
SDRAM 512 MB (up to 1 GB)
L3 forwarding rate  Full wire-speed filtering and forwarding, 143 ~ 572 Mpps
Backplane bandwidth  Passive backplane with 2.6 Tbps throughput capacity
Switching fabric Super Engine  384 / 768 Gbps
Switching mode  Store-and-forward
802.1Q VLAN  1 ~ 4094

Advanced Optical Communications Mainframe Chassis 19” 9RU

Controller card slots  2 controller card slots
Line card slots  4 line card slots

Advanced Optical Communications Mainframe Chassis 19” 6RU

Controller card slots  1 controller card slot
Line card slots  2 line card slots


Spanning Tree 802.1D (STP), 802.1w (RSTP), 802.1s (MSTP)
Routing Protocol RIP v1/2, OSPF, BGP, IS-IS
MPLS Supported
IPv6 Supported
Multicast Protocol IGMP, PIM-SM, PIM-DM
QoS 8 dispatching queues per port, supports 802.1p, ToS, application port control, DiffServ, WRR, SP, SWRR, etc.
ACL  Standard and Extended ACL, supports IP based, source/destination IP, L3 IP protocol, TCP/UDP port, IP priority, ToS and time ranger ACL
MAC Control Supports port/MAC binding, MAC ACL
VLAN  Port-based VLAN, 802.1Q, supports GVRP, PVLAN, Super VLAN Stacking (QinQ)
Flow Control  HOL blocking prevention, Half-duplex: Back pressure, Full-duplex: IEEE 802.3x  
ARP  Supported
DHCP  Supports Client, Relay, Server
Port Aggregation Supports 802.3ad, loading balance
Customer Access Supports 802.1x
AAA Supports RADIUS  
Port Mirroring Supported
Broadcast Control Supported
Security Supports MSU redundancy, hot-swapped, VRRP  
Temperature 0 ~ 50℃
RMON 1, 2, 3, 9
IEEE Standard IEEE 802.1D IEEE 802.3 IEEE 802.3u
IEEE 802.3ad IEEE 802.3x IEEE 802.3z
IEEE 802.1Q IEEE 802.1p IEEE 802.1w
IEEE 802.1x
Console Interface CLI, Web
Console Port RS-232
Telnet Supported  
SNMP (MIB) v1 / v2 / v3
SysLog Supported

* Subject to change without further notice

The AOCM6000 series switches are ideal for use in centralized FTTx deployments as well as aggregation switches with multiple remote hub-sites. The application diagram represents a typical hybrid HFC FTTx scenario with CATV overlay utilizing AIMA3000 technology from PBN. Based on actual growth of the P2MP or P2P FTTX subscribers, the AOCM3000 switches can be deployed in a cascading fashion, which allows simple management as if there was only a single switch deployed.

For the CATV overlay components, the larger AIMA3000 carrier-grade RF headend solution can be scaled down based on operator needs to PBN’s 1RU EDFA and LTE product line.


SFP plug-ins


EPON – 1.25 Gbps, 20 km, TX = 1490 nm, RX = 1310 nm, SC/PC blue, PBN PM410 compliant

SFP optical plug-ins must be ordered separately and are not part of the line card delivery.

SFP+ plug-ins


SFP+ plug-in, 10 Gbps, 10 km, TX = 1310/RX wide, on two single-mode fibers, LC/PC blue 


SFP+ plug-in, 10 Gbps, 40 km, TX = 1510/RX wide, on two single-mode fibers, LC/PC blue 


SFP+ plug-in, 10 Gbps, 80 km, TX = 1510/RX wide, on two single-mode fibers, LC/PC blue 


SFP+ plug-in, 10 Gbps, 300 m, TX/RX 850 nm, on two multimode fibers 


SFP+ plug-in, 10 Gbps, 80 km, TX = CWDM variable wavelength, on two single-mode fibers

XFP optical plug-ins must be ordered separately and are not part of the line card delivery.

Model No.


Chassis 19”, 6RU, 2 line card slots, 1 controller slot, dual power supply slots, empty. Including AOCM-60-CH06-FAN-MODULE


Chassis 19”, 9RU, 4 line card slots, 2 controller slots, dual power supply slots, empty. Including AOCM-60-CH09-FAN-MODULE


Chassis 19”, 12RU, 8 line card slots, 2 controller slots, dual power supply slots, empty. Including AOCM-60-CH12-FAN-MODULE


Power supply unit 1 kVA 48 Vdc for AOCM-60-CH06/CH09/CH12 and all G2 chassis


Power supply unit 1 kVA 110/230 Vac 50/60 Hz for AOCM-60-CH12, Power Cable for XX, XX: AU, CN, CH, EU (not for use in UK/CH), UK, US

AOCM-60-S-XX Power supply unit 600 W 110/230 Vac 50/60 Hz for AOCM-60-CH06/09, Power Cable for XX, XX: AU, CN, CH, EU (not for use in UK/CH), UK, US
AOCM-60-CH06-FAN-MODULE Fan module for AOCM-60-CH06 or AOCM-60-CH06-G2
AOCM-60-CH09-FAN-MODULE Fan module for AOCM-60-CH09 or AOCM-60-CH09-G2
AOCM-60-CH12-FAN-MODULE Fan module for AOCM-60-CH12 or AOCM-60-CH12-G2
AOCM-60-SCC-384-G2*   Switching and control card 384 Gbps (60 W)
AOCM-60-SCC-1536**  Switching and control card 1536 Gbps (60 W)
* AOCM-60-SCC-384 and AOCM-60-SCC-384-G2 are not compatible with each other in the same chassis.
** AOCM-60-SCC-1536 only used within G2 Chassis in P2P system.

Line cards


Line card, 20 ports 1 Gbps SFP + 4 combo ports 1 Gbps SFP/TX (55 W)


Line card (Enhanced), 48 ports 1 Gbps SFP, supports MPLS, Selective QinQ (109.13 W)


Line card, 20 ports 10/100/1000 Mbps TX + 4 combo ports 1 Gbps SFP/TX (46.47 W)


Line card, 48 ports 10/100/1000 Mbps TX (88.48 W)


Line card, 4 port 10 Gbps SFP+, supports MPLS (82.1 W)


Line card, 16 OLT EPON interfaces and 8 gigabit SFP optical interfaces (excluding the OLT SFP optical module) (110 W incl. SFPs)

* Power consumption not including optical transceivers except stated otherwise
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