Network Management System Enterprise Manager



The NMS3-Enterprise-II software package has been in development for more than a decade. With close involvement in large and complex deployments of Hybrid Fiber Coax (HFC) cable telecommunications systems. NMS3-Enterprise-II allows sophisticated management of HFC networks, besides the full set of PBN products, NMS3 supports some selected technologies from Motorola, BKTel, etc. Its open framework allows for simple integration of any other data-source easily.

NMS3 can complete support automatic provisioning for all of the latest PBN products in Fiber-to-the-Home (FTTH) technologies by utilizing NMS3-EPSM module - which is an optional plug-in module and can be fully integrated in the same single network operating system platform with carrier-class performance as NMS3.

HFC Plant Management

  • Automatic discovery of optical transport equipments
  • General and detailed device information monitoring
  • DOCSIS transponder management
  • Historical trending and graphing of key network parameters

FTTx System Management

  • PBN FTTx P2P and P2MP provisioning support
  • Powerful template-based CPE configuration
  • Real-time in-depth diagnostics functionality
  • Central device firmware management capabilities

Core Platform Features

  • Comprehensive alarm management with alarm history list and statistics reports
  • Customizable network schematics to ease of fault management
  • Fully redundant web-based solution
  • HTML/XML Web Services API for easy integration with 3rd Party Billing and Provisioning Systems
  • Completely customizable visual geographic mapping of the network
  • Multiple databases supported, including MS SQL, Oracle, and MySQL
  • Multiple languages supported
Software Features
Polling - NMSE supports continuous multi-threaded network polling of all registered devices, and periodically scans for new devices to be discovered. Configurable polling cycles allow the operator to be as granular as needed in its data analysis.
Inventory - Based on auto-discovered network information, this view displays a list of connected devices and allows users to add descriptive comments. The addition of operator-supplied data allows enhancing the relationships between elements where auto-linking is possible.
FTTx Template - It is a powerful and easy to use method of automatically configuring ONU. Users can create a customized Service Level Agreement (SLA) template based on a specific service requirement, also can delete, modify or query some selected templated.
FTTx Provision - By simply allocation the SLA templates to ONUs upon ONU discovery, NMSE will create configuration files for each of them and upload these files to the specified TFTP server. When the ONU reboot, it will retrieve and apply the configuration file automatically.
Alarm - Messages adequately describe the abnormal condition, probable cause and impact. User can query and select alarm by filters, attach notes and set colours.
Inquiry and Statistics - View and query general configuration and statistics information about devices under a headend, real-time and historical alarm information.
Application - Perform SNMP polling, alarm settings, template importing, service status statistics, OS and JVM monitoring, timer and job management, and database management and tailor the interface to personal requirements.
User & System - Perform user administration and global configuration tasks. Users access policy, granted privileges and control mechanisms can be set according to organization and management purpose.