PBN New FTTx EPON ONU Series Released

back to news 09/15/2020

Sep. 15, 2020 Melbourne, Australia - Pacific Broadband Networks (PBN) announces that our new FTTx EPON ONU series have been officially released today.

EPON ONUs - PM710/PM720/PM730

The PM710 (Commercial Gigabit SFU), PM720 (EPON Multi-service Broadband Access ONU) and PM730 (EPON Multi-service Broadband Access Home Gateway Unit (HGU)) are all designed for multi-service broadband access networks. All three of these new devices are compliant with IEEE802.3ah and relevant requirements for EPON ONUs as regulated in the Technical Requirements defined by YD/T 1475-2006 Ethernet-Based EPON and The CTC Technical Definition.

With excellent access capacity, secure service carrying ability and rich OAM functions, PBN’s high quality FTTx EPON ONUs are very competitive in fiber-to-the-home and hospitality businesses.

Key Features:

• Supports a PON transmission rate of up to 1.25Gbps in both the uplink and downlink
• Features a maximum transmission distance of up to 20km between the OLTs and ONTs
• Supports a split ratio of up to 1:64
• Supplied with standard security features including VLAN, STP, ACL, QoS, security filtering and Broadcast Storm Control
• Supports DBA and Rate-limiting functionality, which enables users to share the available bandwidth appropriately
• Supports QoS functionality, which guarantees a reliable service quality and priority
• Supports the standard OAM defined by China Telecom CTC2.1/3.0, including configuration, alarming, performance monitoring, fault isolation and security management
• Features advanced energy saving functions such as the “GreenTouch” architecture

For more details about PBN’s FTTx EPON series, please contact our sales representative.

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